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7 Sites for Free Stock Photos

Trying to find a great photo for your website, blog, or social media can sometimes be overwhelming. Text-based content will always be present in one form of another, but to stay ahead, visual content must play an integral part in your campaign.

Some reasons why images and photos are important are:

To help curate your image catalog we’ve compiled seven of our favorite websites that offer free stock photos for your use.

1. The Stocks– A great resource that offers royalty free stock photos all in one place (e.g. Pixabay, Pexels, Jay Mantri, Unsplash, Super Famous, Gratisography and more). The site is easy to use and depending on which site within “The Stocks” you want to use gives you plenty of images, videos and photos to choose from. Although you can’t search from all the sites at the same it’s an organized way to have a central depository in one website.


2.  Public Domain Archive– A public domain repository that offers high quality photos with  unlimited reprint rights. The site is curated by Matt Hobbs with his original work or photos/images he has found from other sites that are released into the public domain. Along with the current gallery of images, the site also offers weekly photos.


3.  IM Free– A curated site offering resources for website building and design projects. IM Free does not host the images, but offers thousands of photos who have posted their work on Flickr. All photos are under the creative commons attribution license, so credit is due to the photographer, but still free to use.

Photo by Anieto2k (Flickr)


4. FoodiesFeed– Created in April 2014 by Jakub Kapusnak this site is a great repository for high resolution food related photos.  There are thousands of free images to choose from and the site posts five (or more) new photos per week.


5. Stock Up– A useful site created by Steve Benjamins that aggregates more than 14,000 free stock photos from 26 other sites. Licenses will vary for each photo, so attribution may be required depending on the image.


6. StockSnap.io– A beautiful and easy to use site. StockSnap.io adds hundreds of images on a weekly basis and no attribution to the photo is required. They curate all the photos on the site and also upload photos from photographers within their network.


7. SplitShire– A site created by Daniel Nanescu, an Italian photographer with images that are updated daily. An easy to use website with photos that are free to download and use without copyright. His photos have been previously seen on The Huffington Post, CNN and other websites/blogs.


Visual content will continue to play an important role in marketing. Whether your next marketing tactic an ad, email campaign, social post, or blog, photos add a connection to your content that words just can’t define.

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