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Interviewing From Hiring Manager’s Perspective

Our good friend Daniel attended an interviewing webinar from UCLA Anderson in March and shared his notes with us. We hope you find these notes helpful in your career search:   Sourcing Candidates: hiring manager uses their network more than ever because postings get too many responses these days candidates need to have their name out there as someone who has skills and as someone who is looking or available …Read More

Yelp Promotes Sponsored Links to its Maps & Directions to Increase Monetization

You’ve heard the phrase “nothing is for free”, well Yelp is about to prove that out.  It was your typical beautiful winter Saturday in Los Angeles, the sun was mild and a cool 74 degree breeze was fanning our backyard palm trees.  We decided to take a short trip to Santa Barbara and visit several of the Wine Tasting Rooms (more to come on our favorites later).  As we got …Read More

Business Schools Break Tradition in Global Education (from The New York Times)

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA universities have long led the nation in the number of students enrolled from other countries. Now the universities’ business programs are taking the globalization of education to a different level, offering courses that go beyond dry corporate case studies and broadening their collaboration with universities and businesses abroad, particularly in AsiaThe Global Access Program at the Anderson School provides a good illustration of the new types of offerings. …Read More