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Business Schools Break Tradition in Global Education (from The New York Times)

4270178SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA universities have long led the nation in the number of students enrolled from other countries. Now the universities’ business programs are taking the globalization of education to a different level, offering courses that go beyond dry corporate case studies and broadening their collaboration with universities and businesses abroad, particularly in AsiaThe Global Access Program at the Anderson School provides a good illustration of the new types of offerings. The program enrolls 175 M.B.A. candidates who are working at other jobs during the three years it takes to earn their degrees. Their average age is about 33. Students consult for six months at a time for international companies that want to get into the American market or simply “operate beyond their current borders,” explained Robert Foster, dean of the program. The students, who work in teams of five or six, average 500 hours of work on a typical project.

Payam Tehrani, who graduated last year, counseled ICAR Vision Systems, a developer of identification cards and equipment in Barcelona, Spain. ICAR wanted to break into the American market. But after the students surveyed that market and worked in Spain, Italy and other countries, “we found that its equipment was not advanced enough to make it in the U.S. market, but that ICAR had opportunities for expansion in Italy,” said Mr. Tehrani, a 35-year old electrical engineer who now works for Yahoo. The Spanish company, like all other corporate customers of the program, contributed $15,000 to the Anderson School to cover part of the program’s expenses.  Read the entire document at:  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/21/business/21edge.html

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    I’m thinking of writing a blog post in response. Can you mind if I link to your website from my article?

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      Sure, please do link back. Thank you for asking!

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