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Search Engine Marketing

Search ads are text-based ads that are displayed on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  When a user searches for a term (referred to as keywords, though they may be phrases too) these search engines return both organic and paid results.  The paid results are ads that are relevant to the search term.  The organic results are links to websites that are relevant to the search term (Learn more about this in the SEO section).

Proper keyword selection for search advertising can mean the difference between directing interested people to your website who complete an action (a call, form-fill, or transaction), or wasting money getting traffic that comes to your site and then immediately leaves.  We carefully research and select keywords specific to your product or service and create text and/or visual ads related to those keywords. When people search for those keywords, your online advertisement appears next to relevant search results. Once your campaigns are up and running, you only pay when your ads are actually clicked.

Our preferred search partner is Google. We offer the following services for Google Adwords:

  • Set up Google AdWords Campaign (including Adgroups, Ads, Keywords) to maximize Quality Score. The higher your quality score, the less you pay for each click on your ad (CPC).
  • Manage and Optimize Keyword Targeted and Geo Targeted Ads to achieve high ROI.
  • Setup and Manage Google Analytics for full traffic tracking and reporting