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Why Do Marketing?

Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can take you quite far on it’s own, but at some point you’ll find yourself contemplating what marketing can do for you. Maybe you’re wanting to grow your revenue, find new customers, expand into a new market–whatever your goal is, marketing is an essential part of hitting the target successfully.  Here’s what marketing activities do for your business:


– Marketing yields a steady stream of new customers and exposes your product/service to new, fresh markets.

– Brand awareness is crucial even for local businesses, so marketing makes sure you’re known and easy to find for customers.

– Potential customers need to be touched an average of 5 times before they convert to sales, and marketing helps maintain this thread of connection.

– Marketing allows business to retain current customers, learn how to delight them, and ideally create brand ambassadors to supercharge the “word of mouth” system people trust.