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Yelp Promotes Sponsored Links to its Maps & Directions to Increase Monetization

You’ve heard the phrase “nothing is for free”, well Yelp is about to prove that out.  It was your typical beautiful winter Saturday in Los Angeles, the sun was mild and a cool 74 degree breeze was fanning our backyard palm trees.  We decided to take a short trip to Santa Barbara and visit several of the Wine Tasting Rooms (more to come on our favorites later).  As we got closer to our destination, we knew we were in the general vicinity, but weren’t quite sure which one-way street to take to get to the center of the tasting room collections.  We decided to use yelp for some assistance.We’re certain everyone reading this post has used Yelp at one point or another, and knows about all the cool useful features.  We’re heavy users of the App ourselves, especially to find dining and entertainment spots and to get quick directions.  Apparently Yelp added a new feature where they throw a sponsored merchant’s link on the map when you attempt to get directions for another business.  The problem?  In our case the sponsored image completely covered the pin drop of our destination, making it difficult to locate our destination.We’re marketing professionals, and we get it.  Sponsored links are a great source of revenue, and who is Yelp to say no to more $.  However it’s important to be mindful of one’s monetization strategy and ensure it’s not at the expense of your customers’ experience.  After all, switching cost is low and competition is lurking close by.  Always be mindful!!!


Author: Payam Tehrani

One Response to "Yelp Promotes Sponsored Links to its Maps & Directions to Increase Monetization"

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    May 23, 2016 - 9:38 pm Reply

    Google has an advertising program that coexists with its reviews and directory. Google will be using their AdWords programs to promote offers, sponsored pins on the map, etc..  These are both clearly visible and the offers adds value to the listing and the consumer.

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