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Your Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

Content_MarketingContent Marketing – you’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, but what does it mean? Why do you need a strategy for content?

Your content marketing strategy is essentially a plan on how you will market to your audience by creating and distributing content and turning that audience into leads. So, how do we get there?

Every strategy should always come with a plan. According to the Content Marketing Institute 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than a year ago, however only 35% say they have a documented plan.

First, you should determine your audience.

  • Who is your audience and how are they receiving their information?
  • Is your audience using social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook or are they on blogs and forums?
  • What are the demographics, geographics, and even psychographics of your audience?

Learning about your audience and their goals will help you craft a meaningful content strategy that can either educate your audience or addresses their concerns

Second, identify your competitors and determine what differentiates you from them. What is your value-add and how will you bring something unique to your audience?

Third, what is the purpose of your content? Are you trying to bring in new business? Are you promoting a special product? Do you want to increase SEO? Drive traffic to your website? Or just increase brand awareness?  These answers will help craft your messaging and will provide a guideline of what you need to produce.

Fourth, how will you measure your results. You now know your audience, you know your competition and your value-add and you understand the purpose of your content, but how will you know if your content marketing plan made a difference?

Determine which tools you will use to measure effectiviness such as HootSuite or Commu.IT for social media tracking or Google Analytics for web traffic. These tools along with a schedule for tracking results will help you build, refine or change things as needed.

Creating a documented plan will help guide all these questions into something that can be accounted for and eventually lead to tangible results. The first start is creating your plan. What are you waiting for?


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